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From our perspective: aware means you can see the world for what it really is, so clear perception about the reality. At least as clear as it can be. What is… is. Awareness is also to understand that what you see might not be the full reality of things. Perception can deceive very easily. Aware about who you are, how you think, what happens when you act in reality, whether you have a positive or negative experience, why you judge an experience as positive or negative. Aware about whether you are a linear thinker and/or integral thinker. Or both, at the same time or different thinking behaviour at different times and circumstances. Aware of feelings, thoughts, being, acting. That is aware. It is easy to learn, as we all can do it. We just need to unlearn a few things.
Authenticity is the key to human existence. Authenticity means you express yourself with your whole being. Not just your rational mind talking, but also your feelings, and your heart. Authenticity is a way to learn, maybe the greatest teacher you can have. When you express yourself at the fullest, you might not get the response you would like. People might find you strange, rough around the edges or even brutal. But this is the best way for you to learn who you truly are. And the people around you just reflect your own imperfection. Behaving in an authentic way will confront you with the truth about yourself. Do you have a message for other people in the world? Do you want to change the world around you? By being authentic, you will eventually find the way to express yourself in such manner that people around you will react with acceptance.
Find your inner power, hidden behind all those things you call feelings. Your personal power is what will enable you to connect and influence the world around you. What you say will matter, simply because it is you who says it. Power works in a human to human context and combined with authenticity you will get the response you deserve. It is a mirror, reflecting the depth of your truth and self knowing.
Basic thinking is about ourselves: me, myself and I. The nice thing of getting to know yourself is that this is a road that you can go completely on your own. You might take advice from some people you encounter, but at the end of the day you can choose how to go about inner seeking. Once you find a purpose in life, and your power and qualities, the hard part starts where you want to communicate this to the world. Because then you will need to think about the others, how to reach them to get your point across. We-thinking is about reaching and connecting to the diversity of people you want to communicate to.

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What are we offering?

  • Improved ability to communicate beyond diversity
  • Thinking in terms of us instead of me, myself and I
  • More influence in diverse political environments
  • Leadership in non-hierachical and dynamic context
  • Analysing types of individual and group behaviour thus understanding the best way to influence
  • Think like an entrepreneur, understanding about passion and effort

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

The International Institute of Humanization…

1) Offers educational programmes on knowing yourself and become a powerful individual who really sees the other so you can be yourself and act effectively in the world.

2) Provides these programmes for free or at very low cost to any individual on the planet.

3) Acts as a global platform for educational content related to Humanization.

4) Connects and improves knowledge and experience sharing from the older generations to the young people anywhere, anytime.

We provide education on developing your inner strengths and qualities in order to become an aware, authentic and powerful person that behaves in terms of us instead of me, myself and I.

Would you like to learn to trust and communicate beyond diversity? We will listen to what you would require.

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Are you an individual interested in learning how to understand more about yourself, your power, your qualities, your purpose? The four levels of perception and the internal landscape are unique tools, the result of more than 30 years of research, that give insight in human behavior and the drivers behind it.Or maybe you know all these things but struggle to put yourself into the world? Would you like to increase your ability to communicate beyond diversity, or as we call it: intercultural communication.The International Institute for Humanization offers all training, courses, lectures and materials for free. Join our educational system that allows you to study and practice in your time, at your pace, wherever you are.



People in business and politicians
Better listening? More power? More influence? All while still valuing and respecting the people you are dealing with? We offer customized programs for any organisation that would like to get some help in dealing with intercultural communication. Whether this be in your organisation, or outside. The success of your organisation is based on how you think, how you listen, understanding the world and the people that are important to you. We can help you with increasing the ability in intercultural communication. Where people learn of themselves and of others. Learn to respect each others unique strengths and qualities that helps in the development of a different culture. And so lessen the need to use hierarchical power. Any topic in our programme can be customized to your requirements on time, money and quality.

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We offer licensing models to business and organisations that would like to use (parts of) our educational programmes. This could be on intercultural communication or other topics like in leadership, sales and marketing where we use our unique knowledge on human nature and combine this with our experience in business. You could use this for example in-house, where we train your trainers so you can use our educational content in your organisation. Similar licensing is available for organisations that would like to use would like to commercially offer our programmes as a training portfolio or as an extension of an existing portfolio.