I trust you, of course – no really

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It can be difficult to trust someone. Some say trust is something you build in a long term, by working together for prolonged period of time, you got to learn to work with someone. Try this puppy, trust me, it is really nice. Is trust a rational or emotional thing?

My gut tells me different

Did you ever have a staff member come to you with some brilliant plan of idea? The figures all work out, business case is fine. You actually have the resources to execute the idea. But something tells you: nope, this one is not going to fly. And your decision is clear: not going to do it!

Important decisions bla bla

How do you buy a car? Or find your partner? Based on rational processes? If you are in sales or marketing, you probably have been on some training telling you all about emotions. Really important decisions are made on an emotional/feelings basis. Once we have a clear view on what we want, we look for the arguments to explain it to others: because of the research we have done, see these forecasts, it is right because. Bla bla. Why not say: because it feels right, this is where we are going.

Emotional trust

This is a feeling of safety, security, truthfulness of what is said and intentions flowing through the veil of words. This is the only trust that is real. It is the assessment of the feelings side of your being, 20.000 times faster, far more powerful than any thought. It is not the same as predictability, a statistical equation based on previous experiences in order to be an oracle. Trust is lost and found in the now, not in the past.

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