What is humanization?


What is humanization?

Humanization is to make human. But what defines a human being? What is a human more than a biological life form and how could you define it better? Trying to codify a human is a complex matter. A human has a purpose, in life, self-chosen or somehow perceived as being given at birth or at a time in live through something transcendental. You and I are unique, we have different strengths and weaknesses. Most of us like to be around others. We live, we love, and a large part of the world has a god of sorts.

No need for mind games

Let’s stop the philosophizing and meddling with words and meanings: humanization is to find your purpose, your strength and qualities and learn the ability to fulfil your purpose while using your strength and qualities in acceptance of the world. It is thinking in terms of we. A human is more humane as he or she is accepted by the fellow human beings while being true to yourself. Simple, right!

We lose our humanity!

And as we move through life, we get pressured by the people in our surrounding so we fit to their view of the world, which necessarily doesn’t coincide with our own. As time goes by, we often lose track of why we are here. And start identifying ourselves with our thoughts and feelings, superficial illusions compared to the depth of who we are.

I see dead people

The dead are those who lost track of their inner purpose, strengths and qualities. Mere illusions of a true human being. We are surrounded by them. We become rational and emotionally stable. We have a certain attitude, labelled so and so by others. Very nice, but we also lose the ability to be inspired, enthusiastic, celebrate and many more things that we vaguely remember from our past.

Humanization is to find your way back. Humanization is to not lose yourself when you step into society in your first jobs. Humanization is to find a way to keep all that you are, use that consciously as a foundation for your live and take life’s lessons to express yourself better and better so you get the appreciation for your uniqueness.

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