Where are we with the videos?

Hi all,

You might be asking yourself when the videos will be available? In the Curriculum of the International Institute for Humanization we have about 50 lectures planned. The lectures will be freely available for all individuals on the planet. Language will be English, hopefully we will get the funds to provide Spanish subtitles as soon as possible. On the technical side: we will record in 4K and make them available in HD. To record the videos we decided to build our own green screen studio as it was just too expense to rent equipment and studio for our purpose. So we got the camera and sound equipment, learned to work with professional video editing software and so. For us this is all completely new. In the last months we got a 4.6k camera, did many trials with green screen cloth, vinyl and many more tests. We are in the final stages now.

  • 12 october: painting the mini studio with Rosco video paint
  • 16 october: making a small documentary in our studio for a third party
  • 17 october: start with the final trials
  • 24 october: start recording for real
  • 1st of november: Publishing the first video’s

Hope you all don’t mind the wait. We will keep our promise in delivering the knowledge and wisdom of The Four Levels of Perception and The Internal Landscape for free for individuals. For business, groups and all kinds of other entities we have professional serves. Please refer to that section if you want to know more about that.

Cheers, Richard

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