The Essence of Life

The Essence of Life


Let’s start to talk about the essence of things, life, the universe and everything and what it is to be human. This is my truth and whether you believe in what I say or not, this is how I see it. So I will tell you in all humility. Do not accept my word for anything, but give it a try if you want. I believe in all sincerity that what I say is true for every human being. Whoever has ears, let them hear.

I believe that every man, woman and child has the potential to put love into the world. To do that, each of us has a number of capabilities, like free will for example. You may choose not to put love in the world, to live with an ever present hunger, gnawing at your insides. This will happen because you fail to do what you are here for. But you may choose to do so and I will not have any judgement about that. Free will is at the core of our human existence. Every human has the potential to find and fulfil his or her purpose, present at birth, and avails of the necessary power and qualities to do so.


By thinking, He cannot be reduced to thought, even by thinking hundreds of thousands of times.  By remaining silent, inner silence is not obtained, even by remaining lovingly absorbed deep within.  The hunger of the hungry is not appeased, even by piling up loads of worldly goods.  Emptiness will rule you. Hundreds of thousands of clever tricks, but not even one of them will go along with you in the end.  So how can you become truthful?  How can you be pure of heart and meet your brothers and sisters with respect and love? And how can the veil of illusion, that blinds your eyes and covers your ears, be torn away? Listen to God, listen to life itself, and hear what is said for you. Live your life like this, because it is the only way.

Free interpretation of the first article of the Guru Granth Sahib – English Translation: Sikh Religion Holy Scriptures, Kindle Edition.

For me, what Sikhs call god, may be replaced by other names: Life itself, Truth, Nature, Energy, The Field,  The Great Architect, The Righteous Teacher and so on


Let me be clear: a person that lacks connection with the world around, cannot experience happiness. Because living is all about putting love in the world. You cannot own love. That is a silly idea. How can you have love, something that in essence exists only by flowing and moving? No, love will go through you when you are clear as crystal. Love is everywhere, except in the human being that is disconnected and closed. That person is full illusions, self-interest and self-importance and identifies him or herself with thoughts and feelings. I am a banker, lawyer is what he says. Look at me how good I am, I have badges and medals on my vest. Even my name is displayed in gold on the building. But this identification is false, an illusion, not the connection with your true inner self. Identification through the rational brain, not the consciousness or higher mind (that part of you which is able to look at thoughts and feelings, even your own dogma’s and convictions). Let go of your low ego and return to your consciousness. Don’t you understand you betray yourself? Shame on you, for your arrogance.


The great laws

There are three great laws that you can experience and see for yourself. Do not think or assume I came up with these, because I did not. It is just an observation. Whoever has ears, let them hear.

  • The law of the universe: everything is connected and everything is one
  • The law of life: love is the power and reciprocity is the mechanism
  • The law of mankind: a human being will only find happiness in case the true self is expressed and recognized and appreciated by his or her fellow human beings

Ignore these laws at your own peril, because emptiness will fill you until you experience the lack of meaning of living in the seven sins. Go ahead, stuff yourself with chocolate, ice cream and burgers. Accumulate wealth and go buy something you don’t need. It won’t help you.

These laws have been documented many times, in thousands of books and writings. Everyone knows this, because it is your nature. Children get this and act within these laws raw and unconstrained. The love you have received as a parent is often just a memory instead of an experience in the present.

But ok, we all know better of course. And create morality and habits. So we can live together. Let us take a look at this in more depth.


How do you live your live now?

What would you do, if everything you did was ok. No one would judge you and nothing was forbidden? You could kill, rape, pillage, lie as much as you want, leave you infant unattended in the shopping mall, to smoke a joint. Would you betray and cheat on your partner? Would you go to a supermarket, take the food and not pay the bill? Would you take a drumkit to the church to play on it while a mass was going on? Hit your children just for the hell of it? Maybe throw your boss in the canal because he didn’t give you a raise? Bosses, leaders, all nonsense of people that do not respect others. They are utterly redundant and obsolete for the pure human being. Because the pure, know what to do, sometimes leading, sometimes serving, what is needed is done, not more and nothing less.


What would you do?

As mankind, just go ahead and belief there are no rules? Do what you will? Can we contaminate and destroy our planet, take what we want, without looking back? Dig for gold and leave a desert when we are done? Of course we know there are consequences to our actions. Or do we? And this is just another example of FAKE NEWS. We live on an ice planet and mankind is a parasite, a disease, let us act like that.

Do we need a moral code? Why would we? How would something like that look like? What do you think is the reason that we need a set of principles to live by? And can we just sit down and think it up whenever we want, change it also whenever we feel like it? Morals are evolutionary, biological rules pieces or information coded in our brain and DNA? Biology, we stand above don’t we, so let’s not worry about that too much.

Or does morality originate from the world of feelings, is it something we feel as a group and is it not related to the rational mind that much?

Can we change morality. I mean as an individual or collective? How would our culture change?


Morality was always there!

Or was morality not invented by human beings at all, but is it a perception of the harmony of live and the universe? In case this is true, than mankind is not the source of this at all. Morality is just the superficial understanding of laws, patterns and mechanisms of the ever changing universe and life itself. Most people would call this God. Throughout history mankind always tried to develop laws for all kinds of things. We are letting go of the false morality the people in positions of power gave us, tried to indoctrinated us with. For good or bad, the result is that the emptiness in people is growing. If you take a good look, you can see this everywhere. But instead we make more laws and rules, illusions of a foothold, so we do not need to think for ourselves. But what moral makes the sun come up and go down? What morals created gravity?


Would you be able to write down your own code and principles? How would this differ from that of your father and mother? Why do we believe this can be changed easily and quickly in the time of mankind? Do you live and practice your own code? With respect for the people you encounter in your life?

Why would you?

Because you do not like the consequences…

Common morals are manifold egotistic and concern you own interests. That is why we change them all the time, whenever we want. Maybe we only use these to avoid unwanted causalities. Or is the knowledge of good and evil a great curse for mankind? Didn’t the story of Adam and Eve tell us the following: people, do not invent your own rules about good and evil, because you will turn your back on the harmony that was, is and will be? You just cannot do anything you want. The planet Mars is not your failsafe, when you have destroyed the earth. And a Tesla in space is false hope that keeps you on the wrong path. Return…


Everything is connected and everything is one

Thus we live in this time. We use morals for egotistic motives, create laws, to avoid the negative results  and outcomes of our actions. Our collective conduct is often focused on the short term, unconscious, or even willingly conscious of the long term effects: we steal and destroy, rape nature and take whatever we want. We do not reflect enough on our actions, what it means for our children and their children. Our behavior could mean they will have to live in a world poisoned and damaged, cold as ice or dry as the desert.

‘To be human’ means that you acknowledge and accept that you as individual and together as mankind are connected and part of something of great, truthful and of magnificent beauty. Life itself and the universe.

In case you lead your life driven by egotistic motives, the result you will get is that you will be unhappy and unfulfilled. You are dead!

Dead but alive, committed to a selfish emptiness and the name human is not for you.


You are free to choose

Of course everyone is free choose how to live your life. There is great power in that and this ability to choose, this freedom, is at the center of very human being. Listen, everything you do will eventually return to you. When you go back to live in harmony with your surroundings, the natural way, remember your childhood, then you gain the chance to fulfill your dreams and hearts desires. You are free to choose, always. It is not my place to judge about that. There are consequences  for every choice you make, every step you take in the walk of life when you approach the world as a dualistic thing and act like accordingly. And you are free to experience the results of your choices. Treat others with respect even if you do not agree with the choices they make. Because if you don’t you will find out very quickly that people do not appreciate that.


Fear rules mankind

‘Follow your heart’, some say. Sounds simple right? But this is not simple at all, because we only trust ourselves. We do not dare to trust is something that is bigger than us. People cannot live well when they treat their surroundings with disregards. And that is true for both the ordinary, dualistic, and the transcendental world.

Most of us are not to blame for this, because we are naive and ignorant, or our parents just raised us this way. Our school systems do not teach us anything about this, we learn to read and write, do math, but ethics are implicitly transferred to us in our youth and by definition we are unconscious. Some of us are seekers, but drown in new age, esoteric knowledge and other foolishness. We act without reason or code. Ignorance is bliss….

Fear destroys the ability to trust in something bigger and results in fleeing to a false or dependent security: a father, mother, leader or boss. Most of the times this is someone much more confused than you. And so we reinforce each other in a vicious circle. This fear raises its ugly head in many forms and shapes: for example the helper, who only helps others because it meets the egotistic need to feel good about him or herself….. dopamine. A few ‘Likes’ on Facebook and we feel good again. And what are we scared for? For the emptiness in our self… HORROR VACUI


Why would you change?

Imagine that I am speaking the truth. Whoever has ears, let them hear.

That you really could connect with that which is greater than us, that your mission and purpose in life was clear. That you have the power and quality to live your life in such a way! Wouldn’t that be just great? Or not? Let me say it in a different way. When you choose to really live like we were meant to do, follow your heart, you might say, than the creative force in you will reappear and life itself will move around you like a warm blanket. Your power and quality will raise to levels you did not conceive possible. Your path will be full with people and happenings you thought were only for others. That is a law on its own. And that is the essence of life. To express your true self and trust that everything will be ok.


How to do it?

Practice, practice and practice. The Inner Landscape can help you find your way through the disarray of feelings and thoughts. It is a reflection model to use whenever you want for any circumstance. To reflect on what is happening in you in the moment or across years in your life. In the Inner Landscape you will find the milestones of the development of consciousness of mankind, from the earliest time to the future where your mission, power and quality is.

To find your way back to something bigger, you need to go the following path:

  • Stop and reflect on what you do, learn to perceive, both inward and outward.
  • Emptiness: leave your false self-identification with feelings and thoughts behind, let your rational mind be quiet and peaceful, so your spirit or consciousness can become clear through the intention of connecting with life around you.
  • Silence: shut up and listen to what life has to tell you.
  • Choice: the alpha and omega. You may choose, you are free, whether you will follow the path that is shown or not. This is a place of light and darkness, because you will have to travel beyond yourself to make the connection. Let go, and you will find.
  • Your mission, calling, goal, this is your story.

The complexity of life is too immense for the rational mind. You will never know that. But you are able to intuitively perceive what is important to you. This you will find in your heart, not your head and not your belly. Look at what your heart is telling your, you will find love and truth there.

Accept that everyone changes, grows and develops. Do not get fixated on habits and morals where there is a need for change. ‘Listening to life itself’ can thus be practiced very well. But if we stuff our ears with wax, we will not hear. Keep your mind closes and your will be blind to your surroundings. Each human being must go their own separate and peculiar road through life. Yes, the Landscape is the same, but the content is unique. Let your children grow in their own way, even if you think it is silly or strange. Try this, maybe something wonderful will happen.

Love is only found in the pure human. Pure and full of joy. When you strike poor quality glass with metal, an ugly sound will come forth. Pure crystal, a structure related to the harmony of the universe, an exquisite one.

Reflection is not enough, it is just a tool

The essence of life is that you live it. Whoever has ears, let them hear.


Warm regards,



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