The way out

When monotheism appeared, there came the believe in one God. One God for all and everything. Probably there were some wise human beings who could perceive a holistic view of existence but the majority of people were still living in a dualistic way. Polytheism responds with the dualistic ways, several gods for different parts of existence. Different parts of life being represented by different Gods. Thinking in opposites; not belonging to each other. Creating versus destroying, life versus death, war versus peace, rich versus poor.

With the concept of one god, all opposites appear and disappear: for each attribute assigned to the one god, the opposite should also be there. Otherwise you are looking only at one side of the medal. They go hand in hand. Without one the other cannot exist. If you create you destroy what was. In the process of creation there is destruction. Creation means transformation which implies destruction of what was before and the creation of something new. This process is there all the time, everywhere. It is the basis of life.

Embracing monotheism, while still thinking and believing in dualistic terms, we refer to the one God as the Creator. Seeing ourselves as creatures of God’s image, we see ourselves as creators. Ignoring the fact that in the process of creating there is automatically destruction. Not being able to see this, to see the whole, we forgot in our culture to keep the balance between creating and destroying.

A step forward in conscious could be made if we would acknowledge the belief in one God, as a God for all aspects of life and death, Creation, Transformative power and the Destruction process that is an automatic result of creation. We can worship God in the balance and harmony that is contained in and between these forces. Those balancing powers did exist in polytheism beliefs, in nature beliefs. We lost it in monotheism as we were not developed enough to see it for what it was.

Even writing down the word destruction I am overcome by an awful feeling, a judgement about it. It feels wrong, destruction, that is what our culture learned us. But there is no judgement on destruction, it is part of life, like death is part of life.

Now we live in constant fear not willing to look at the destructive side of life. To sweep it under the carpet. We do not allow death to be a part of life. Nature destructs and creates constantly, like when winter comes a lot of what is alive is killed or put in a challenging situation. When spring comes, life renews. It is a cycle. Animals, plants constantly destroy and create, as we human beings do. Not being able to see the balance between creation and destruction is not seeing life for what it is. And if we can’t see that, we cannot experience life to the fullest. What we should learn is how to balance creating and destroying in a way healthy for ourselves and the environment.

But do not be fooled, nature is also not always balancing in a healthy way for us.

But is just balancing. To live in a better way for ourselves and to feel alive again, we should try to balance the creative forces and destructive forces in our actions, to see the balancing and non-balancing ways in our inner live and our actions. To do so it would be easier to see God as the God for everything, the God for creation and destruction for example. And try to see the balance between them in our actions.

As long as we see God just as the creator, ourselves just as creators we will destroy massively. We think in a dualistic way, while monotheism is meant in a holistic way. The environmental trouble we are experiencing is just one of the many examples that are the result of this way of thinking and acting. Monotheism was a step forward but we were not ready for it.

To see ourselves as creators and not as destroyers is seeing one side of the medal and ignoring the other side. We will never get out of our environmental issues if we keep seeing ourselves in this way. We can build as many solar parks, hydro electoral power plants and windmills as we want: without facing this truth we are lost.

We learned to think linear instead of circular and systemic. The linear concept evolves from seeing one side of the medal. Linear destroys in the end massively, and then something different starts again. Circular destroys and creates again as a continuous process. We are scared of destruction, we cannot accept it anymore.

We believe in the creative powers and ignore what we destroy in the process. That is why we have the belief in progress and growth. Only when forced to accept destruction we will try to find solutions, usually by creating again and again.

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