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  • Background and history of the four levels of perception and the internal landscape
  • Why would you like to know yourself
  • Listening
  • Associative and Linear thinking

The four levels of perception

  • Introduction
    • history of mankind’s internal development
    • what do the four levels of perception tell you
    • why are they useful?
    • examples
  • Zeroth level – narcissism and egotism
  • First level – law, rules
  • Second level – group morals
  • Third level – individualism
  • Fourth level – doing the right thing – we thinking
  • Mastering the levels
    • influence and trust using the four levels of perception

Internal Landscape


  • What you need to believe to find this interesting
  • why the internal landscape was developed
  • how the internal landscape was developed
  • basic components and visualization
  • why is it useful?
  • what can you achieve through learning this
  • history of inner development of mankind
  • linkage to religions and beliefs


  • Purpose of life and living
  • Life, feeling, thinking and doing

Inner landscape – simple things

  • Tempers
  • Attitudes
  • Instincts
  • Convictions
  • How to lose yourself in simple things

Inner landscape – abstracts

  • Power
  • Quality
  • Your purpose or mission in life
  • How to perceive the world around you

Inner landscape – the hard part

  • Introduction to the middle axis
    • for those that are lost in life
    • for those that know who they are
  • Emptyness
  • Silence
  • All or Nothing
  • Perceiving the world around you
  • Finding your purpose anew
  • God  – Life – Love

Mastering your life using the inner landscape

  • Are you living your life or from someone else?
  • How to stay on course
  • Perception and communication with others
  • Perception of yourself