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The power programme gives comprehensive understanding of the different routes to power: how to gain power, how to retain power and to apply it. The power programme examines different types of power, aligned with the human behavior and motivating forces of the Four Levels of Perception and the Internal Landscape. Delegates will understand the differences of hard and soft coercive power, asset power, doctrinal power and relationship power. The routes to power are rarely used as a single entity and are often applied in a combined form. If a person or group are to obtain power and retain power it is essential that they apply the appropriate type of power for a specific and changing situation.

For those who would like to gain an understanding for obtaining, using and retaining power in human relations

The training  will enable delegates to:

  1. Become more powerful leaders
  2. Understand the nature of power
  3. Have the ability to see and use the five different routes to power
  4. Be able to choose to be powerful or powerless in every situation
  5. Understand why they are powerful
  6. Understand their power bases and where they are threatened
  7. Know how to maintain, protect and develop their power bases

Training info

Training info

£1450per person
  • 4-16 people
  • London area
  • 2 Day Training


  • April 25-26
  • May 23-24
  • June 20-21
  • July 18-19
  • August 22-23

You can choose to be powerful or powerless!

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Mini training

Every waking moment you are participating in a power game.

Meet your trainers on power

Will Marshall
Will MarshallExecutive country manager UK
Richard Kleijnen
Richard KleijnenFounder