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Why do we offer professional services?

To help fund the activities of the International Institute for Humanization we have created educational content for professionals so we are not dependent on gifts or charity but actually deliver something we belief is very valuable in return for funding the Institute.

This educational  content for professionals has been created by business people who have converted academic concepts into practical and useful tools. We have used the Internal Landscape and The Four Levels of Perception to create new material with a complete new angle and deep insight in communication between people or groups of people, even markets.

Our professional services are delivered by people who have actually done the work, have the experience and encountered many pitfalls and learnings in their professional life. We understand the practical reality of dealing with others in international and intercultural environments. Our experience and learnings enable us to communicate effectively and make deep contact with people independent of cultural attitudes.

Training and education where communication matters

Intercultural communication



Other services of the International Institute for Humanization

  • Customized and in house training
  • Cultural change programme
  • Workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Public speaking

Why Choose Us

  • Unique content
  • Internal Landscape and The Four Levels of Perception applied to business teachings
  • Delivered by experienced business people
  • Available internationally
  • Available in English, Dutch, German and French
  • You really contribute to help others find their motivation, power and qualities so they are succesful in life.

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